2018 event planning is underway!

The Monroe County Heritage Days community group has begun event planning for 2018. Since the tour of Elmwood Cemetery in August raised many public comments/questions about the historic African American Cemetery, we are planning a 2018 event we hope will increase community knowledge about the cemetery and raise funds for its continued preservation. Others in the community have also asked that we consider events that encompass history/culture between 1730-1830 including: Native American, Explorers, Pioneers, Early Militia and early Homestead Families and crafts, etc. Please join us to help with our 2018 planning efforts!

Sunday Service & Closing Ceremony – 2017

The Sunday, August 27th, period church service was held in the historic Ames Clair Hall at 10AM. "Reverend Samuel R. Houston" provided an inspiring and thoughtful sermon to over 32 townsfolk and visitors. Beautiful special music was provided by Maddie and Craig Mohler and Scott Womack.  At 1PM the closing ceremony at the Confederate Soldiers of Monroe County Monument began with a single bagpiper, followed by a Confederate honor guard three round volley/salute. After the volley, taps was played by Raymond Tuckwiller. Please email us any/all photos, videos of the event so we can post them to the website & our Facebook page. Thanks to all for a wonderful event. -Chris Johnson, wvaca@hughes.net
Reverend Samuel R. Houston at pulpit, portrayed by minister and reenactor Tim Glaser, 2017.
Special music at services provided by Maddie Mohler and Scott Womack, accompanied on piano by Craig Mohler, 2017.
Church services end at Ames Clair Hall, 2017.
Closing ceremony with lady in mourning portrayed by Anita Henry of Beckley, 2017

TOUR-Historic African American Cemetery

We are happy to announce that Elmwood Cemetery will be accessible to the public during the event. Meet at Elmwood's barnyard Saturday at 2:45 PM for a moderate hike along a recently mowed path to the cemetery. Elmwood Cemetery was originally a slave cemetery utilized by the area's black community since the Civil War.
Prominent Twist Family headstones, Elmwood Cemetery, Union WV
Ellen Seames headstone, Born Feb. 2, 1852-Died May 2, 1895 Elmwood Cemetery, Union WV

Period photographic artist coming!

Harrington Traveling Photographic Artists will be available at this year's event to take your image by the 'wet plate' collodion method.  Please come Friday afternoon or Saturday morning at Elmwood and schedule a setting for a unique photograph, sure to be a family heirloom! You can also contact Todd directly via his web site contact page to schedule a setting (http://htpaphotography.com/contact-us/).

http://htpaphotography.com PRICES available below.

Download (PDF, 308KB)


CONFIRMED! Shenandoah Valley Civil War Era Dancers!

We are happy to confirm the SVCWED are once again coming to call and teach us the dances at the 'War Comes to Union' Period Dance Saturday night, 26AUG17, starting at 7:30pm. In addition SUGAR RUN has confirmed that they will return to provide the music of the era for the dance. For more information see the links listed below. SVCWED (Like them on Facebook.) SUGAR RUN BAND (Like them on Facebook.)  

Registration Form & Tentative Schedule available

The 2017 Registration Form & Tentative Schedule for reenactors, living historians, and sutlers is now available on our website! Please register as soon as possible to help with our planning efforts, especially for the lady's tea. In addition, we've added a new web page for SPONSORS! that currently includes a list of our 2017 and 2016 sponsors and donors and a "Donation Form" Download (PDF, 678KB) for folks that would like to help support the living history event this year!

2017 event planning is underway!

The Monroe County Heritage Days (MCHD-WV) group in collaboration with the Monroe County Historical Society (MCHS), Union Area Chamber of Commerce, local reenactors, living historians and history lovers are working together to plan for the "War Comes to Union" event August 25-27, 2017 to portray the 1864 Federal occupation of Union. This years event will include an encampment in the fields surrounding the town's Confederate Memorial. In town historic structures will again serve as backdrops for scenarios of documented, first person accounts. We would like to have civilian impressions to portray the townsfolk and their dealings with the Federal Army  'foragers' as they occupy the town. There will also be a 'skirmish' between the local Home Guard and the Federal Army's  leading element. Friday will again be arrivals and set-up of participants. Saturday is the 'main event', that evening we will host a reenactor dinner and period dance. Sunday we are planning a period church service and a closing ceremony at the Confederate Memorial. Please join us and help with our 2017 planning efforts!